Finally! #LedZeppelin on @Spotify !! Now all we need is the #Beatles and we’re good..


Just home from Canfield, Ohio. That is a tremendous place, filled with great, hard working people that believe in the simple things. That is right up my alley. I feel like I’m a country boy at heart except I might like Target more than Walmart..maybe. 
Anyway, I’m here to say thank you! Thank you for coming to see us this summer. I feel so lucky and spoiled to be able to sing songs for a huge number of awesome people every night and I wish I could express that better. I want to hug you all.
This tour was filled with smiles and laughter and new and old friendships and ideas and stories of hope and bright eyes and a great light show(thanks, Brock!). 
I’m going to write for a while now. I think we have a pretty great album title already but I’ll hit you with that later. 
My Espionage friends are heading here this week and so is Jerry Becker. Looking forward to more fun. 
I want to send out some fun stuff soon, Twitcam and new tunes etc. 
until then, thank you! 
Your stories and faces make our lives SO much better! 💖👍💙😬👊

Love, Pat

The thank you goes to you, Pat. AND all the boys. Y’all make me smile :)


bananas is coming home with @butchwalker

Butch Walker - “Coming Home”

Pre-order Butch’s new EP “Peachtree Battle” on iTunes.

Good lord….a great song AND photo to go with! #Smiling


THREE WEEKS until The Voice returns! REBLOG if you can’t wait for Season 5. 



THREE WEEKS until The Voice returns! REBLOG if you can’t wait for Season 5. 


Tomorrow night……Saratoga…….Phillip Phillips and John Mayer!  Pretty excited…..

An all-time #favorite song of mine….it makes me close my eyes and smile.



Hahahahahahahaha. Rhode Island is the fucking best. This new bridge is set to start collecting tolls Monday. A ten cent toll. So, if you don’t have an EZ Pass transponder they expect you to log onto a website to pay it. Because it would be economically unfeasible to mail people bills or to even install toll booths. What a fucking joke. 

Only in Rhode Island.

One of the many reasons I left the state….


I feel lost without you.
Yes, you’re weird, crazy and out of sorts but you are right where I belong.

Heading from Iowa to Indianapolis and all I can think about is who will I see along the way. I never thought that this 50 year road trip would bring me together with the worlds most amazing…

#Spanish #cuvee 
#Red #wine

#Spanish #cuvee
#Red #wine


Pete Townshend has responded to One Direction fans furious over an Internet rumor that the Who were pursuing legal action over the band’s “Best Song Ever,” which bears more than a passing resemblance to “Baba O’Riley.”